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  EAHS All Sports Booster Club Members continued
Paladino, Paul & Karen Papenfus, Cindy & Mike Papenfus, Mark & Laina Pappa, Janet
Parker, Kevin & Kris Partington, Gary & Rebecca Patzold, Bob & Debbie Paul, David & Kathy Person, Larry & Helen Petsch, Kevin & Mary Phillips, Ward & Kristine Picknell, Kurt & Cathy Plucinski, Scott & Pat Poggensee, Dale & Connie Price, Richard
Rausch, Paul & Penny Pyszka, Bob & MJ
Reece, Desirae & Chad Reynolds, Ken & Lori
Rima, Mary
Roberts, Ann & Mike
Rogers, Bill & Cindy Russell, Kirk & Christine Rychlak, Becky
Scaro, Ed & Christine Scaro, Joseph & Judith Schaffer, JoAnn
Schinke, Tom & Sue Schmieden, Al & Sue Schmieden, Deb & Mike Schopf, Brian & Michelle Schultz, Glenn & Denise Seegers, Jim & Noreen Shaw, Mark & Karen Shilts, Lenny & Michelle Simes, Mark & Kathy Simons, Jerry & Jane Simons, Scott & Kelly Skweres, Brian
Slattery, Pat & Amy Smith, Jerry & Carol Smith, Rod & Cindy
Sokolowski, Judy
Spragia, Mike & Lois Stallings, Brad & Terri Stallings, Luke and Becky Stebnitz, Chris & Jill Sterken, Eric & Tammy Stilling-Stepp, Jamie
Stohl, David & Anita Stopple, Ken & Peggy Storlie, Mike and Carrie Suchy, Joseph & Joanne Sulik, Dennis & Barb Sullivan, Charlie & Kathy Templin, Vince & Becky Terrell, Patti & Jim
Terry, Glenn
Thelen, Randy & Nancy Thies, Kathy
Tillman, Art & Debbie Timmer, Debbie & Sean Townsend, Andre & Aimee
Trottier, Mary & Chris Truesdale, Eric & Cheryl VanDyke, Charles VanDyke, Lisa & Mark VenHousen, Bill & Deb Vorpagel, Carrie
Walter, Scott & Tracy Watson, Neil & Peggy Wedige, Steve & Doris Welkos, Barbara Welsh, Dave & Kris Wescott, Greg
Wester, Tim & Rose White, Jim & Ann Wilging, Mike & Renee Wilson, Dean & Kathi Wimmer, Bob & Laura Woellert, Tom & Renae Zimmerman, Al & Wendy Zoellner, Michael
Zwieg, Dave & Vicki
             Join the Boosters Today!
If you want to support your student athlete or just your school and community there is no better way than to join the Booster Club. The dues you pay allow us to provide specialized equipment and promote Elkhorn sports in the conference and the state. We welcome you to our meetings and encourage your input and ideas. Why not join and be a part of an organization that only does positive things for the students you love.
Email Address:
Lifetime Membership Annual Membership
❑ $50.00 ❑ $10.00
Please make checks payable to EAHS All-Sports Booster Club
P.O. Box 472 Elkhorn, WI 53121
Or you may drop at the High School office.

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