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Fan of the Year

BeardsleyJeff Beardsley attends boys and girls sporting events for the majority of the sports offers and at all levels. Jeff can be seen at JV 1 and JV 2 events as well as Varsity. Jeff not only attends home games but many away games as well. Jeff can be seen interacting and congratulating the athletes participating in that sport as well as the athletes of other sports that are in the stands. Jeff has built strong relationships with student-athletes as well as their parents and the school. J Jeff is also a volunteer assistant coach for Varsity baseball for the past 5 years and plays a vital role in the success of the program on and off the field. As a volunteer, Jeff is at all of the practices and games and attends the spring trip to South Carolina. Jeff has also taken the time to personally handwrite letters and send inspirational cards to athletes during their respective seasons encouraging sportsmanship, integrity, effort, and success to them and their team. Jeff not only cheers for Elkhorn during games and matches but is a coach, teacher, mentor, and role model to so many of the athletes.


Past Fan of the Year Winners

2001 Jean & Vera Amos
2002 Claire Doane & Bob Hutton
2003 Dick Price & Roger Larsen
2004 Don Wick
2005 Gene & Jeanie Hoffman
2006 Jeff Gahart
2007 Larry Bray
2008 Bob Handel
2009 Robert Bulger
2010 Frank & Eleanor Nappe
2011 Don Wolf
2012 Bud Krueger
2013 Milton and Joy Lee
2014 Tom Kotter
2015 John and Rosalie Richardson
2016 Ray Kayser
2017 Ed Scaro
2018 Hugh and Donna Preuss
2019 Dick and Mary Inglett
2020 Jeff Beardsley
2021 David Dresdow
2022 Jim Ward